Sign shop supplies print
Our UV printer can be used in sign shop printing, such as braille printing,indicator printing, pvc card printing, wooden hallway signage printing, crystal medal printing,braille printing,metal printing,acrylic printing,metal signage printing, plastic label printing.
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Student center supplies print
Our UV printer can be used in student center printing, such as student card/library card printing, pen/eraser/pen case printing, netbook printing, writing pad printing, rulers printing, class schedule printing,lunch box printing and stationery box printing.
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Christmas supplies print
Our UV printer can be used in Christmas supplies printing,for example:Christmas apple boxes printing, Christmas decorations, Christmas package-bag printing, Christmas candle shell printing,Christmas card printing, Christmas wall stick,Christmas calendar printing.
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Homewares print
Our UV printer can be used in furniture decoration suppiles printing, such as TV background wall tiles, sofa background decorative painting, router blocking box, flapper, slipper floor, jade printing, heat insulated wood coaster, leather feet mat.
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