Packaging box print
Our UV printer can be used in all kinds of packaging boxes printing,for example:wine box printing, gifts box printing, tea caddy printing,candy box printing, wooden wine box printing, cracker box printing, health products box printing
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Business gifts print
Our UV printer can be used in the business gifts printing, such as notebook printing, exclusive agency authorized medal printing, business bookmarks printing,golf balls printing, business cards holder printing, screen decoration printing, golf box printing,acrylic crystal medal.
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Cosmetics package print
Our UV printer can be used in cosmetics package suppiles printing,for example: perfume bottle printing, lipstick printing, air-cushion-cover printing, comb printing, make-up-mirror printing, nail polish printing.
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Souvenir and promotion product print
Our UV printer can be used in souvenir and promotion products printing,for example:lighter, graduation souvenir plate,key chain,small flag,postcard,plate,memorial album,puzzle,certificate,jade plate,key ring,lighter,plate,souvenir card,wooden tag.etc.
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