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UV6090 4 Heads
UV6090 Four heads support dual CMYK+ White printing with faster speed
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Functional description
Technical Parameters
UV Technology
Functional description
Support CMYKV printing at same time with fast speed
Support dural CMYK+W printing at same time with fast speed
With white ink stirring & circulating &heating system make sure printing more fluent &smooth
Advanced auto up&down capping station to ensure the cap and carriage connected perfectly
The Ink spray cleaning system to avoid inks spray onto the printing during working
Anti-static system avoid the static on material surface, ensure the high quality printing.
Aniti-block Color bar function to prevent head being blocked due to certain color not printing for long time.
Auto detection system can detect the height of materials automatically.
Max height can reach to 13.5cm
Technical Parameters
Adopt gigabit ethernet connection intead of USB cable.
Model UV6090-IV Printing Head 4PCS Epson XP600
Ink Type UV Ink Printing size 600mm*900mm(23.62"*35.43")
RIP Software RIPrint/PhotoPrint Printing thickness 0mm-130mm(5.12")
Max Resolution 360*1080DPI 6pass
360*1440DPI 8pass
360*2160DPI 12pass
Print Speed 6Pass  6m2
8Pass  4m2
12Pass  3m2
Voltage 110V-220V 50-60HZ Power 750W
Print material Glass,Plastic,Acrylic, Metal Wood,etc Operating environment 15-25℃ 20-70%RH
Operation System Win7, Win10 (Gigabit ethernet) Packing Weight 300KGS
Image format JPG TIFF PDF etc. Pacing size 1775*1650*885mm
Ink Color CMYKCK+CMYKYM+WWWWWW+WWWWWW  Ink Channel Each head with 6 ink Channel
UV Technology
With variable ink droplet and different head configuration
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